Athlete Training Program

Patterson Athlete Training (PAT) was created in 2008, in response to the high number of injured middle and high school athletes being treated in our physical therapy clinic for sports related injuries. Many of the injured athletes had muscular imbalances, flexibility deficits and/or insufficient functional strength that contributed to their injury. Knowing that these problems could be solved with proper training techniques, we developed several training options to fit the needs of local athletes. Our mission is to train each athlete in a manner that decreases risk of injury and increases athletic performance.

The PAT program is designed to:

  • Identify flexibility and strength imbalances
  • Address dysfunctional movement patterns
  • Focus on body mechanics and correct technique to improve speed, agility and endurance

We offer:


Improve your team’s performance by incorporating PAT into your practice time or pre-season preparation. Our trainers travel to your location to work with your team. Athletes are given a comprehensive evaluation and each training session is designed to focus on sport specific goals and team training needs. Athletes will be educated on proper biomechanics, technique and training principles. Coach input and communication is encouraged. Please call to discuss times and pricing.


Middle school athletes face unique changes in growth, body structure and muscle development. Our trainers utilize their in-depth understanding of the athlete’s development needs to create a comprehensive training regimen that includes building functional strength, evaluating running technique, increasing flexibility and improving overall fitness. Athletes will increase physical ability and coordination while learning important training principles that will set them up for success in the future.


Training PAT High School sessions are tailored to meet the high-level fitness goals of athletes who want to thrive at the high school level. Our experienced trainers utilize the latest research to help athletes improve performance, while providing education on proper form, technique and training principles. Each session is comprised of effective speed and agility drills, neuromuscular challenges, core strengthening and plyometric training necessary to achieve sport specific goals. The group dynamic provides motivation and competition to make workouts fresh and fun.


Training group sessions are tailored to meet the high-level fitness and training needs of our collegiate athletes. Workouts will include the best speed work, plyometrics, agilities, core and strength training from a variety of collegiate training programs. The group dynamic provides motivation and a competitive push to make workouts fresh and fun. Trainers will also provide guidance regarding training packets, preventing injuries, and training throughout the week.

Each athlete in our group training program will also receive a complimentary Fusionetics Movement Efficiency and Performance Test evaluation. Fusionetics is a training software used by professional athletes to evaluate and track the musculoskeletal system, prevent injury and optimize performance. The Fusionetics tool allows us to efficiently and accurately assess the health of your musculoskeletal system and allows our clients quick and easy access to personalized training programs in an easy to use video instruction format.

PAT Pricing
Sessions are 60 minutes. Price is per athlete.
Small Group Training
(max 6 atheletes)
4 sessions – $100
8 Sessions – $200
12 Sessions – $300
16 Sessions – $400
One-on-One Trainig $45 per Session
Team Training and Coach Consultations Price Varies. Please call.