Fit Club

Patterson Physical Therapy Fit Club

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Balance & Coordination 11:30     9:30  
Joint Replacement   10:30      
Functional Fitness 10:30        
Men’s Fitness   9:30   10:30  
Advanced Fitness   2:00   2:00  
Aqua Fit   12:30   12:30  
Parkinson’s Program 9:30       9:30

Patterson Physical Therapy Side Plank

Individual sessions are $40 each or $300 for 10x

The packages include an evaluation, developing a flow sheet, explaining and training these exercises together and one month of gym membership.

Silver 3 one-on-one sessions $100
Gold 5 one-on-one sessions $175
Platinum 10 one-on-one sessions $300

Gym membership is $40 per month.

Parkinson’s program (PWR): exercises in this class target the symptoms that interfere with everyday movements,individuals with PD also learn to recognize when they need to self-correct to improve their movements, posture and balance in daily life
Functional Fitness: Get stronger and more mobile for activities of daily living
Balance&Coordination: Changes of your body that contribute to balance and mobility are an inevitable consequence of aging, exercises will target these balance related problems for improvement
Advanced Fitness: Improvement of endurance and strength
Men’s Fitness: functional fitness for men
Joint replacement: specialized exercises for individuals before and after a joint replacement, to strengthen and mobilize the joint to get you faster back into shape
Aqua Fit: We keep you moving for 60 minutes in the water. This can increase your cardiovascular health. With different floating devices we help you strengthen your body, stay in shape while the workout is easy on your body.